Make more
and better
decisions, faster.

Rapidly align numerous stakeholdersClearly define a broad range of issuesIdeate many plausible solutionsPrioritize by impact and effort

Democratically, without open discussion.

Within one hour.

"Ben's Strategic Alignment workshop was absolutely crucial in discovering what we have to focus on as a community.

DAOs can be a chaotic environment, so coming to a consensus of which areas we can work on to give us the greatest return literally changed our approach.

This gave us a common flagpost which aligned future interactions with the community. His guidance, structure, and method made it all super easy to just come in, contribute, and get a lot of value in return.

We'll definitely be encouraging the community to have another one again, and cannot wait for it."

In an increasingly decentralized world, strategic alignment is more important than ever.

Rapid Alignment is a fully-facilitated, remote-capable, plug-and-play, problem-framing, decision-making, productivity-boosting workshop for any team, project, or organisation.

It is optimized specifically to help teams of any size, with any problem, make more and better decisions, faster.

The process does not interfere with or replace any of your existing systems or procedures. The session is programmatic, allows all voices to be heard, but is conducted without any open discussion.

Rapid Alignment
in action:

In the space of a single 60 minute session you will have:

📍 Clearly defined a broad range of issues

🔦 Key strengths and tailwinds
🔦 The most pertinent challenges

💡 Ideated many plausible solutions
🎯 Prioritized them by Impact / Effort.

📜 A complete and actionable record of the entire workshop process and its results.
Compiled PDF documentOrganized CSV of all notes taken

You will need:

🕺/💃 1 facilitator

👩💻 2 - 8 participants *

⬜ Collaborative whiteboarding solution e.g.

🌐🗣️ Voice chat solution e.g.
Discord, WhatsApp, VoIP, Zoom (cameras off) etc.

⏲️ One dedicated hour **

* More can be accommodated by extending the session time.
** 4+ participants may extend session time (Max. 2 hours)

💳 Upon successful payment, you will be forwarded to a calendar booking page. Please have your intended date ready.

✅ Re-scheduling with more than 24H notice incurs no additional charge or penalty.
✅ Cancellations with more than 48H notice are 100% refundable
✅ Cancellations between 24H and 48H notice are 50% refundable

⚠️ Non-attendance - or re-scheduling within 24H of your session - requires re-booking at full cost.
⚠️ Cancellations within 24H are non-refundable

Super-ultra-mega early bird 🐣
Limited to one: £100

Super-ultra early bird 🦅
Limited to three: £150

Super-early bird 🦚
Limited to five: £250

Early bird 🕊️
Limited to ten: £350

Regular price 🦉